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Unico: Awakening Artifacts for Kickstarter



ComicBook.com shared an exclusive first look at the "Artifact" items that will be available for the Unico: Awakening Kickstarter. At this time, we are unsure of how many of these artifact items will be available and at what tiers so definitely keep an eye out. The Kickstarter is set to launch May 2, 2022 (Monday), so bookmark the page or sign up to be notified when it goes live!

The ComicBook.com article also gives us more information on what the manga will be about so please follow the link to see the artifact items as well as learn more information about the project.

Read the article here:
Check Out This First Look at Unico: Awakening's Incredible "Artifacts" (Exclusive) (comicbook.com)

Artist List for Artifacts:
- Maddie/Madeline Copp (Unico Picture Book)
- Rye Hickman (Chloe Calender Lookbook)
- Amber Padilla (Chloe and Unico postcard)
- Julia Reck (Tarot Card)
- Steenz (Unico Mini Comic)

The Unico: Awakening Twitter account is updated often, so also check there for the latest information.

- Check Out This First Look at Unico: Awakening's Incredible "Artifacts" (Exclusive) (comicbook.com)
- UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) (@UnicoManga) / Twitter
- UNICO: AWAKENING manga by Gurihiru & Samuel Sattin by Octas Inc. — Kickstarter

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