Updates to Shougaku Ichinensei Magazine section, corrected information, postcard section, and more! We've also launched our Facebook page to make it easier to access information.

A few minor updates for the site!

  • We’ve organized the Shougaku Ichinensei Magazine page a bit more. You can now find all known chapters with their original publication date and magazine issue. Several magazine covers have also been added and we will continue to add more as we come upon them.
  • We have updated some pages with corrected information. Previously, there were 42 known chapters of the Shougaku Ichinensei version, but we have recently learned that another chapter exists, making it 43 chapters.
  • Postcards page has been uploaded featuring several kinds of postcards and information. We’ll be working on more Merchandise sections and will upload soon!
  • With permission, we’ve added the cover to the Vietnamese translated manga and will add more information soon.

We have also launched a Facebook page to make it easier to share information and updates regarding anything Unico. Feel free to give the page a “Like” and/or “Follow” to see updates as they appear!

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Thanks for checking in and being patient with us as we update the site! Please feel free to contact us at any time!