Several postcards have been released over the years featuring Unico and other Tezuka characters. They are often sold at Tezuka Osamu World Shops and online with other merchandise. Events and pop-up stores may also have their own style of postcards and stationary items. Many Japanese anime magazines like Animage have also put out their own postcards featuring Unico and other series.

Lyrica magazine page featuring Hello Kitty thinking about the Unico postcard.

One of the earliest known postcards to be released was for New Year's in 1977. During Unico's run in Lyrica magazine, the postcard was advertised then sold in stores shortly after. It featured Unico pulling the new day across the night sky like a curtain, symbolizing a new year. In Japanese it reads Happy New Year (あけまして おめでとうございます!/Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu!).

Postcards were also made, inviting you to a special test screening of the movie. The screening was done before the movie's general release to gauge audience reactions. After the screening, they would usually provide feedback.

The text on the back reads:
Date and Time: Tuesday, February 24

Doors open 6:00 pm Opening 6:30pm
Screening time 1 hour 30 minutes

Place: Gas Hall

(Ginza 7-chome 9-15 TEL 573-1871)
* We will refuse admission after the show starts. * Valid for 1 person per sheet
* When full, we may refuse entry due to the Fire Service Act.

7-22-17 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141 TOC Building TEL (494) 5414
Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Movie Production Department

An example of a postcard printed for a magazine would be the 1981 issue of Animage which featured scenes from the first movie. A page toward the front of the magazine would have four postcards with different anime. You could cut out each postcard and send them to anyone. These types of postcards were only available when the magazine was released.

This postcard was available at Tezuka Osamu World stores, the Tezuka Osamu World Museum, and possibly other stores that sold Tezuka related goods. It has a holographic/shiny front unlike the other postcards shown here and features classic artwork from the original manga.

Unico also appears grouped with other popular Tezuka characters.

There have been many collaborations over the years that Unico has been a part of. When Hatsune Miku had her 10th anniversary in 2017, Tezuka Productions made sure to help celebrate by releasing merchandise featuring both Miku and Tezuka characters. An illustration by Chamooi of Akuma-kun, Chao, Miku, and Unico was printed onto buttons, clear files, postcards, and more.

Another collab released the same year was the '80s Girly Collection. An exhibit was held at the Tezuka Osamu Museum with Unico and other 80's characters. Several products with a pastel motif were released of Unico and guess what? Postcards too!

When the Little More edition of the manga was published in 2015, postcards with the front covers of the regular edition (blue and red) and special edition (green) were made. They were available online and at Tezuka Osamu related stores.

Many more postcards other than what's shown here have been released over the years. Older ones may be hard to find but they do pop up online from time to time.

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