Scheduled to be sold at Aeon, Ito-Yokado, Hands, and other stores nationwide in Japan, these adorable tins have Osamu Tezuka characters on the lids. Each tin includes 8 pieces of chocolate for you to enjoy. There are six styles, including Black Jack (for 50th Anniversary), Pinoko, Astro Boy, Princess Knight, Jungle Emperor, and of course… Unico!

The price of each tin is 950 yen (6.40 USD). The size of each container is 90 x 120 x 34 mm. Below is a closeup of the Unico tin.

Unico Tin
Top of the tin which features a distressed effect.
Inside Unico Tin
Inside the tin with individually wrapped chocolates.

As the original site states, these are great to give as a gift or buy for yourself!

【新商品】手塚治虫作品のキャラクターたちがバレンタイン限定チョコレート缶になって登場!|虫ん坊|手塚治虫 TEZUKA OSAMU OFFICIAL


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