Osamu Tezuka Manga Picture Book

Shogakukan released another two volume set of the Shougaku Ichinensei version of Unico in 1994 as part of their Osamu Tezuka Manga Picture Book series. These two books are hardcover and feature four chapters each.

Title: Unico 1
Publisher: Shogakukan
Published: January 10, 1994


1. ユニコ登場Unico Appears
2. ラゴンがやって来たRagon Has Arrived
3. ラゴンのお正月Ragon’s New Year
4. 雪合戦Snowball Fight

Title: Unico 2
Publisher: Shogakukan
Published: March 20, 1994


1. ゆき女がやってきたThe Snow Woman Has Arrived
2. いたずらラゴンNaughty Ragon
3. はなをさかそうLet’s Bloom
4. ケーキたべたいなI Want to Eat Cake

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