Character Profile | Tolby

Tolby from Unico in the Island of Magic


Name: Tolby
Other Names: Toby, Torby, 토비 (Tobi)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appeared: Tolby appears in the second theatrical film Unico in the Island of Magic released July 16, 1983.

Tolby (トルビー Torubii) is a character created for the second film. He does not appear in the manga.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Shūichi Ikeda (1983)
English Voice: Max Christian
Italian Voice: Giorgio Longoni
Korean Voice: Jaeho Choi (최재호)
Spanish Voice: Antón Palomar

Physical Appearance

Tolby is a young man wearing a blue magician costume. He has blond hair that swoops outward, and cold blue eyes.


Tolby is the stoic older brother type that means well, but goes about things the wrong way. While he does the magician Kukurukku’s bidding, he cares for his younger sister Cherry more.


  • Can use magic to turn objects into anything he wants.
  • Can play the flute.

Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1983Tolby appears in the second theatrical film Unico in the Island of Magic on July 17, 1983. While playing a flute in the middle of the forest, Unico and several forest animals gather. Tolby uses this chance to turn several animals into living puppets. He goes after Unico but misses the chance to turn the unicorn into a puppet. He would later appear at his family’s home, but it isn’t long until Kukurukku appears, wanting all humans in the area to be turned into puppets. Tolby does as he is told and brings the living dolls to Fuego Island.

His younger sister Cherry and Unico appear at the island, and Tolby tries to protect them. In the end, Tolby must decide whether to serve Kukurukku or save his sister and all the other people.