With the release of Unico: Awakening near, Graphix/Scholastic is keeping up with the Unico excitement and delivered the animated trailer on several platforms today! I won’t lie. I watched it several times before coming here to write about it. Denver Jackson did an amazing job of creating animated scenes from the comic pages and really brought Unico to life once more. It wouldn’t surprise me if they produce a real animation in the future with how exceptional the trailer is.

Check it out below…

Unico: Awakening Official Scholastic Trailer

I absolutely love how the personalities of all the characters shine through in this trailer. From the adorable Unico and Chloe to the menacing villains, it’s fun to get a sneak peek of the characters in action. The trailer includes important scenes from the comic that will surely pique viewers’ curiosity about this series.

Several scenes in the trailer will feel nostalgic for older fans, especially if they’re familiar with the first Unico film (known as The Fantastic Adventures of Unico to most Western fans). I can’t help but geek out over the incredible skills and effort put into making this, and it shows that everyone is quite serious about the launch of this comic series. Like many, I really am looking forward to reading the comic.

Where to buy Unico_Awakening:
– Amazon
– Barnes & Noble
– Scholastic

Animation: Denver Jackson (@djaxx)
Music: Mason Lieberman (@MasonLieberman)
Sound: Alec Rubay/Narah Uchiha (@thenarahproject)


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