The previous figures released by KAEIDA/dune were back in 2019, but there are three new colors now available. KAEIDA released the figures for sale on their website this month on June 16th, and the limited edition figure is already sold out — at least online. The figures are also available at partnered stores in Japan.

There are three figures with unique colors, including a pink/purple and yellow, chartreuse and blue, and a purple swirly and pink figure. The new color combinations appear in the original work, so it’s neat to see Unico wearing them. The limited edition is the Dreamy Unico, which has the swirly look to his body. Check out the new figures below.

Image: 395 Unico D

Image: 396 Unico E
Image: 397 Doreamy (Dreamy) Unico Limited

The figures are available on KAIEDA’s website. Here’s a link directly to the figures themselves.

商品検索 – KAIEDA

395 Unico D 6,800 Yen (7,480 Yen with tax)
396 Unico E 6,800 Yen (7,480 Yen with tax)
397 Dreamy Unico 7,800 Yen (8,580 Yen with tax) SOLD OUT

You can check out the previous figures on our Unico dune/KAIEDA page!

KAIEDA (@dune7) / X


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