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Oh my, it’s stock photo cake!

Unico art

Pull out your noise makers and grab some cake because it’s our second anniversary today!

While two years may not seem like much, I’m so thankful to everyone who visits the site and supports what we do. I’ve made new friends and get to discuss one of my favorite series with others, and that’s something special. I have put a lot of time into the site, and am glad to hear when it’s helped others. Learning and researching has always been a fun thing for me to do, so I’m happy to dig deep and provide my findings to others.

Before I go any further with this post, I have to really thank my husband for always being supportive of my dorky obsessions. He’s helped me in so many ways, and I always hope others get the same support I do. Between researching, writing, and coming up with content, he’s always there to give opinions or just simply give me time to do my thing. He really deserves a lot of praise for not only putting up with me (lol), but for allowing me to take the time to create this website.

I didn’t make an anniversary post last year, and that’s okay. New merchandise in Japan and news about the Unico: AWAKENING Kickstarter kept me distracted. For this post, I wanted to talk about other areas I’d like to explore with Unico, the site, etc. I’ve had this idea for a while and started a new project this month in hopes it’d be more interesting for fans of Unico. What have I started? Well, making videos!

Unico on TV with YouTube Logo

I know, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m doing this or what will these videos be about. While there is plenty of information on this site and elsewhere, I know many people enjoy listening or watching as a source of entertainment. The idea is to create videos talking about specific topics and information about the animated films, comics, timelines, and more. This would make it much easier to show and tell while still being informative. As I’ve been researching and writing posts, I know that the more detailed information there is, the longer posts become. Not everyone will sit and read several minutes worth of text because they don’t have the time.

I also enjoy creating videos, and I’d love to take a shot at it again. As of right now, I’ve created a YouTube Channel, and will upload content there. It’s taking me longer to create the first video, but hope it will be interesting to those who would like to check it out. And no, I’m not asking you to subscribe to the channel. I’ll link to the videos when I update the site. Think of it like bonus content!

What will the first video about?

The first video will focus on the original Unico comic which was first published in 1976. I’ll talk about the comic’s history, some of the challenges during its original publication, changes made to the comic, chapters being reorganized, and more. After this video, I will most likely focus on the First Grader version of Unico comics that ran from 1980 to 1984, then focus on other areas.

Will you continue to write Unico content on the site?

Of course! I know I haven’t had time lately, but I’ll be able do more soon. Creating these videos won’t change anything about the site. It’s simply another outlet for me to be creative. I enjoy writing, and when I’m unable to work on my personal projects, at least I’m keeping up my writing skills by creating articles for the site.

Well, that’s about all we wanted to share for now! We hope your week is filled with awesomeness and thank you for visiting the site. It won’t be long before the new monthly update is up, so look forward to seeing that post with all the things we’ve added.

My best,