Site Updates!

Now that the major holidays are over, we're back in business! Check out the updates to the site!

Unico figures

Now that the major holidays are over, we’re back in business! While there hasn’t been a lot of Unico related news as of late, we are trying to write up our own editorial/blog posts so visitors have something to read. We have a list of ideas, but always love hearing from you! If there is anything you want to know about, let us know!

Below is a list of recent updates we’ve made to the site.

  • Since it’s a new year, we updated the site’s appearance a bit. Hoping the update will make it easier to read as well as navigate the site. We still want to do themes for holidays so definitely check back to see any fun changes.

  • Still trekking along with the Character pages. We have several that are prepped, but need finishing touches and a few parts to check before being published on the site. Added more information to previous profiles (Unico, Chao, Zephyrus, etc), which include voice actors from the 2010 Bee TV movie comic version, Wednesday Campanella info, and more.

  • The Advertisement page went live and we will update with more soon! This is where you’ll find ads from magazines and more from over the years.

  • We published the Figure page under the Merchandise section and have a page about the tiny figures from the 80s. We’ll upload more information about other figures soon!

  • Still editing and translating a few interviews for the future “Articles and Interviews” section. We want to be sure there is no misinformation or confusion.

  • Added a few more links to the Links section.

  • Updated the Unico in the Island of Magic page to include information on Unico and the Kingdom of the Sun (ユニコと太陽の王国) manuscript. If we ever uncover more information than what we have, we will certainly add more!

We have written a new article that will be available this Monday, January 30, 2023, so check it out when you can!

That’s it for now! To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often or follow our Facebook page! We try to update often! Feel free to also contact us!