What's the scoop with Unico: Awakening? Is there any news about the project? Short answer is... yes!

Unico: Awakening

What’s the scoop with Unico: Awakening? Is there any news about the project?

Short answer is… yes! Every few months, Samuel Sattin, writer for Unico: Awakening, has an update on the project regarding the comic itself, as well as information on the extra items available. Even Gurihiru, artists for Unico: Awakening, shares images of what they’re working on from time to time, so it’s a smart idea to either follow their Twitter account, or check back with them now and then to see a few sneak peeks!

The official Unico: Awakening Twitter account is your best source for updates. If you backed the Kickstarter, you probably receive email notifications when updates are posted on the website. If you do not, then hop on over here for staying in the loop. Now, there are backer only posts, so unless you are one, you may find it difficult to see some of the new updates.

And speaking of being a backer…

While the Kickstarter ended for Unico: Awakening seven months ago, you still can preorder the new comic and several goodies offered during the Kickstarter’s run. The Backerkit preorder page went live in October and is still available for those who missed their chance at being a backer.

Click here to visit the preorder page!
(Update: While the page is still up, we believe the Backerkit has been closed since October/Novermber 1, 2023)

They offer the comic in both English and Japanese, and in both physical and digital releases. That’s not all though. Want both language versions? Grab them! Want adorable pins of Unico and Chloe? Get them! Shirt by Junko Mizuno? Yes, please! How about that print that caught your eye? It’s there.

When do we get our Unico: Awakening preorder?

While there is not an official date, the Kickstarter website mentions the campaign items are scheduled to fulfill early summer 2023. Please be aware this is an estimate, as production and other delays occur that could push the project back a bit. We’ll keep an eye out on the project and let you know when more information is available. While we are excited about the project and about seeing the completed product, we understand it takes time to finish and put everything together.

Check out our Unico: Awakening News Page for recent updates and news!

Just a reminder that we are not involved with the Unico: Awakening Kickstarter project. We are simply fans sharing information with others.

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