It's July 16 and the AYANOKOJI items are now available on their website! We also walk you through purchasing through their website.

It’s July 16 and the AYANOKOJI items are now available on their website! If you do not live in Japan, they partnered with Buyee that ships to over 118 countries! If you are new to buying items from Japan or your Japanese isn’t as good, we’ll explain purchasing through this website.

A pop-up will appear when you visit the site, explaining how to use the service if you are overseas. There are fees and other shipping costs, so be aware you’re paying for that as well. Other shopping proxy services are available if you do not wish to use Buyee that will purchase your items for you. We recommend Zenmarket for example.

Unless you translate the webpage, the Unico items will look like this:

Add Unico Items to Cart Highlighted in Yellow

When you click the button, it will add the item to your cart. Down below you’ll see a pop-up window that will look similar to this:

Overseas Ordering Cart

You can add all the items you want, and when you are finished, you click the blue button that says “Proceed to Order.” When you do this, it’ll take you to Buyee’s page to allow you to pay for the items. For this example, we chose the 3.3 inch Purse.

Your Cart on Buyee’s Website

The above image shows the 3.3 inch Purse in Buyee’s cart. If you selected the Unico items, it will say “Variation ユニコ” where we’ve highlighted in yellow on the image. This will tell the company that you want the Unico item. You can also change the quantity from here. Click the orange “Proceed to order page” button on the bottom right and it will take you to the next step. If you have not signed up with Buyee, you will do so next.

Continue to follow the ordering page and make your purchase. After you have completed the order, simply wait for the items to make it to Buyee’s warehouse. When they arrive, all you need to do is tell them to ship the items and pay the international shipping fees. Then bam, cool Unico items from Japan straight to your door!

Down below, we have provided direct links to the products to make it easier for you to find them on the website.

3.3 inch Purse1,815 yen (tax included)
Gamaguchi Card Case with Partition2,420 yen (tax included)
TAWARA type cosmetic pouch (small)3,300 yen (tax included)
Gamaguchi Walk Pochette5,720 yen (tax included)
Large Ball Bag with Round Pocket17,600 yen (tax included)

We hope this helps allow you to purchase items from AYANOKOJI and other Japanese sites. Many companies are offering international shipping through their websites using Buyee and other services, so it’s much easier to purchase items now.

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