They have released phase 3 of the Unico soft vinyl figures by DINER.

DINER has released Phase 3 of their Unico soft vinyl figures. This time, Unico has a gray body and violet hair! Similar to the other two figures, Unico is 130mm (around 5 inches), can move his head and legs to pose him however you’d like.

The figure starts at ¥6,600 (around 60 US dollars) and it is unknown how long he’ll be up for sale on the website. If you’ve collected the previous two, be sure to add this one to your collection! Definitely an adorable and unique look to Unico.

Overseas buyers will need to use a proxy service to purchase this figure.

Follow the link below to see the figure’s page:
DINER 手塚治虫ソフビシリーズ ユニコ 第3期カラー グレー – DINER&YUTAS |でじたみん ( (Phase 3/Gray)

Links to previous figures:
DINER 手塚治虫ソフビシリーズ ユニコ – DINER&YUTAS |でじたみん ( (Phase 1)
DINER 手塚治虫ソフビシリーズ ユニコ 第2期カラー アイボリー – DINER&YUTAS |でじたみん ( (Phase 2/Ivory)

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