Updates to the site included text-to-speech (TTS), French chapter titles, Thai chapter titles, and more!

Not a lot of big updates as last month was a busy month!

  • Added text-to-speech (TTS) to each page to assist those who may need it. It’s a blue button on the top left of the page/post that says “Listen.” It seems to do well, but we’ll be looking into better features in the future. It does work on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • List of chapter titles for the French translation of the manga has been added.
  • Minor updates to the international pages including headings to indicate Anime or Manga.
  • Updated the Anime menu to list all anime movies/shorts in a sub-menu.
  • Updated the menu to list all language translations as a sub-menu when you scroll over International.
  • Added information about the Thai translated manga including chapter lists.
  • Minor updates to a few translations throughout site.

That’s it for now! To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back each week or follow our Facebook page!