Updates for the Anime section, Lyrics section, and more!

We’ve been trying to update a bunch of things around the site. Some are minor, but others may be more interesting. Here’s a list of updates!

  • Updated the Lyrics section. A few of the English lyrics for Fantastic Adventures of Unico were never published on the site so we knocked that out. Translations to a few Japanese songs were also added.
  • We’ve almost completed the Anime section. Information and synopsis’s have been written for all animations except for the pilot episode. We’ll be going back to that one shortly but need to capture screenshots.
  • Updated the Osamu Tezuka Bunko Complete publication page to include the Atom Cat manga which includes the Shougaku Ichinensei (First Grader) comics of Unico.
  • Updated the Soundtrack section to include the promotional single by Emiko Shiratori.

Thanks for checking in and being patient with us as we update the site! Please feel free to contact us at any time!