Unico Related Decorations

Unico Movie Poster

1981 Unico Movie Poster

They used this poster to advertise the first film in theaters. It features the main cast and is certainly an image most will recognize.

On the bottom, they also promoted the soundtrack and movie book.

Unico in the Island of Magic Movie Poster

1983 Unico in the Island of Magic Movie Poster

Used to advertise the 1983 Unico film, this colorful poster features several of the characters. The top features Tolby, Yamaneko, toy dragon, and Cherry in living puppet shapes around Kukurukku.

While this is a variation of other movie posters at that time, companies often used the primary image of Unico for products.

Digital Manga Publishing Kickstarter Poster

This poster was available to backers for the 2012 English translation of the Unico manga Kickstarter. Erika Ryan, a graphic artist for Digital Manga Publishing, designed the poster.

It was available in certain tiers and as an add-on.