Unico Plush

We’ve all grown up with stuffed animal friends, and in this section, I wanted to share several of the Unico related plushies released since the late 70s. These plushies are from multiple sources, including giveaways, crane games, stores, and more. I’ll include as much information as I can. Enjoy!

Sanrio’s Little Friend Collection – Unico

Sanrio Little Friend - Unico Plush

One of the earliest Unico plushies to be released by Sanrio, and probably one of the hardest to find. Starting in 1977, Unico was available for purchase and was also part of a giveaway for the August 1977 issue of Lyrica Magazine, where the original manga was published. The design is basic, but I can’t help but love the classic stuffed animal appearance.

They sold for 1200 Yen each.

Sanrio Unico Plush

Image Source: Ebay

Available in 1984, these Unico plush came in multiple colors. As you can see from the photos, the light blue and pink both have a rainbow horn. Since Unico in the Island of Magic was in theaters around the time these were released, a lot of the merchandise features rainbows. Seeing multi-colored Unico plush is actually quite fun and unique!

You can see more photos of these guys on unicolove’s Instagram.

Tezuka Osamu Characters Stuffed Animal Series by Sega

Tezuka Productions and Sega released volume two of this collection in 2004 with Unico and four other characters. He could be obtained by playing UFO Capture/Crane games during that period. This Unico has light pink hair, a white tail, and a mint-colored body.

Unico has a gigantic head for this plush, don’t you think?