Unico Handkerchiefs

Unico Handkerchief

They made several handkerchief designs over the years featuring Unico. When the first theatrical film was released in Japanese theaters in 1981, many products were in stores. This handkerchief features Unico, Chao, and Akuma-kun floating on bubbles.

Unico handkerchief

Another cute handkerchief with Unico and Chao. Each square has a different Unico design that you’ll find on other “My Unico” items. This pattern was available in pink and yellow.

Unico handkerchief.

This handkerchief is larger than the previous two and features Unico and Chao scattered across the white fabric with small blue and yellow dots.

My Unico Handkerchief

Released in 1983 or 1984 during the second film’s release in theaters in Japan, this handkerchief features Unico on a pink and lavender colored cloth. The “My Unico” text is present, unlike the others on this page, which is quite interesting. Similar to the others above, they used the images on many products during that time, including wallets, purses, and more.

FEILER has been making Tezuka related handkerchiefs recently, and created a beautiful Unico design released in April 2022. FEILER is a German brand and so they make all handkerchiefs in Germany with 100% cotton. This design is still available and is usually around ¥2,500 (with tax ¥2,750). Check out our link below for more information:

FEILER Unico Fantasy Flower Handkerchief now Available! – My Unico Fans

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