Unico Chiyogami and Origami

“My Unico” Chiyogami by Sanrio

My Unico Chiyogami 1980

Available in several sets during the early 1980s, this paper, with fun colors and Unico pattern, has many uses besides making origami. Great for making all kinds of crafts like scrapbooking, cards, and much more. The particular chiyogami above came with 30 sheets and how to make your own Unico paper craft using the paper provided or any you choose! Many sizes were available for both chiyogami and origami sets, the one pictured above is 15 x 15 cm, but smaller sizes (13.5 x 13.5 cm) were available. To see some of the other sets available, I recommend checking out unicolove’s IG page for more images of both kinds. While the paper designs seem to be similar for each one, the sets have different colors and paper craft designs with each one.

The larger sets went for around 150 Yen, while the smaller sets were priced at 100 Yen.

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