Golden Best Emiko Shiratori

Title: ゴールデン☆ベスト 白鳥英美子
Translation: Golden ☆ Best Emiko Shiratori
Label: Tokuma Japan (TKCA72809)
Released: January 26, 2005
Format: Compact Disc (CD)

They released a collection of popular songs performed by Emiko Shiratori in 2005. The ending theme “Do Re Mi Fa Lullaby” from the second Unico movie, Unico in the Island of Magic, was featured as the 17th track on the album.

01. 心の友Soul Mate
02. ミュージックMusic
03. アルバイトPart-time Job
04. 恋の風The Wind of Love
05. 夢の跡Traces of Dreams
06. 愛は夢のように Love is Like a Dream
07. 風のくちづけWind Kiss
08. 草原の彼方 Beyond the Meadow
09. 冬の夢 Winter Dream
10. BLUE HILL STORYBlue Hill Story
11. 十月の風景October Landscape
12. 空は私の町 The Sky is My Town
13. MOTHERLESS CHILDMotherless Child
14. フォーシーズンFour Seasons
15. 海に還る (Bonus Track)Return to the Sea (Bonus Track)
16. ふたりの郷 (Bonus Track) Two Towns (Bonus Track)
17. ドレミファ・ララバイ (Bonus Track) Do Re Mi Fa Lullaby (Bonus Track)
(Unico in the Island of Magic)
18. エポナの歌 (Bonus Track) Epona’s Song (Bonus Track)
(Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

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