Unico to the Island of Magic

The 1983 film Unico in the Island of Magic has been selected for screening at the Shinjuku Higashiguchi Film Festival in Japan. The festival, which is held once a year, features a selection of newer and older films considered masterpieces. If you’re in Japan and in the area, see if you’re able to see this wonderful film in theaters!

According to the official Mushi-n-bo post, tickets will go on sale two days prior to the film’s screen date. The date for the film’s screenings will be May 24 (19:45) and May 29 (10:00) at Cinema Karite.

For more information, please visit: UNICO To the Magical Island 〈Shinjuku Higashiguchi Film Festival〉 » Shinjuku Cinema Karite

The official website of the Shinjuku Higashiguchi Film Festival: Shinjuku East Exit Film Festival 2024 (

** Update **

After the screening, there will be a talk show with film writer Masamichi Yoshihiro, who will discuss the charm of Unico in the Island of Magic and more. According to the Mushi-n-bo post, Yoshihiro was obsessed with the film when he was young and wanted to talk about it. It is unclear if they’ll share the talk with the public.

新宿東口映画祭にて、「ユニコ 魔法の島へ」(1983)が上映されます|虫ん坊|手塚治虫 TEZUKA OSAMU OFFICIAL
新宿東口映画祭2024 『ユニコ 魔法の島へ』5月24日(金)上映後によしひろまさみち氏によるトークショー開催決定!|虫ん坊|手塚治虫 TEZUKA OSAMU OFFICIAL


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