The Contactoons 6 album featuring the two theme songs from the Unico movies sung by Santo Verduci will be available this month!

The 6th album of Contactoons featuring cartoon theme songs sung by Santo Verduci will be available for digital download starting October 24th, 2022. This album includes two original songs from the Italian dub of Unico (Le fantastiche avventure di Unico) and Unico to the Island of Magic (Unico nell’isola della magia).

The music will be available on websites like Amazon, iTunes, YouTube Music, Spotify, and more.

Track List:

  • 1 Kimba
  • 2 Bajrangi, un magico amico!
  • 3 Jumbo
  • 4 Unico nell’isola della magia
  • 5 Starla e le gemme magiche
  • 6 Extreme Dinosaurs
  • 7 Legend of the Dragon
  • 8 Motu e Patlu
  • 9 Gigì, la principessa dei sogni
  • 10 Super Geek Heroes
  • 11 Sei forte Ninja Boy!
  • 12 Moon Mask Rider, il cavaliere della Luna
  • 13 Super Kid, piccolo grande eroe
  • 14 La signora Minù
  • 15 Kaleido Star, tra magia e realtà
  • 16 Le fantastiche avventure di Unico

Santo Verduci not only provides the themes songs for both Unico movies, but he also plays the Italian dub version of Akuma/Beezel and the blue cat from the second movie. Both movies are available on the streaming service CHILI.

We’ve attached the TV size theme songs below for your listening pleasure.

Theme for Le fantastiche avventure di Unico
Theme for Unico nell’isola della magia.

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