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Osamu Tezuka x Hardcore Chocolate



Osamu Tezuka and Hardcore Chocolate (also known as Core Chocolate) team up again for another amazing collab! They are bringing extreme, cool, and sophisticated shirt designs which are loved by t-shirt wearers in Japan and overseas. Designs feature Black Jack, Pinoko, Phoenix, and Unico. Hoodies are also available with certain characters!

The Unico (Ikkakuju Light Blue) T-shirt costs 4,400円 and you can find it here: ユニコ(一角獣ライトブルー) - ホラーにプロレス!カンフーにカルト映画!アパレル界の悪童 ハードコアチョコレート公式通販(オンラインショップ) (shop-pro.jp)

- 【新商品】手塚治虫作品 × ハードコアチョコレート 新作コラボアパレルが5種登場!|虫ん坊|手塚治虫 TEZUKA OSAMU OFFICIAL