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New Household Items!



Released today, October 15, 2021, a collab with UNICO (ユニコ) and unico (ウニコ)! unico offers a wide variety of furniture, fabrics, and select miscellaneous good for your home. A new line of household items with Unico are now available for purchase with several items to make your home look Unico themed!

You'll find the main Unico x unico page here!

Item List:
Bed Linen Set (Single)¥20,460
Pillow Case¥2,640
Single Quilt Cover¥9,900
Box Sheets Single White¥7,920
+ + +
Cushion Cover 45x45cm Black¥3,520
Cushion Cover 45x45cm Green¥3,520
Knit Cushion Cover 45x45cm Blue Green¥3,960
Knit Cushion Cover 45x45cm Lime Yellow¥3,960
Embroidered Cushion Cover 45x45cm¥4,950
+ + +
Blanket A 80x120cm¥9,900
Blanket A 120x180cm¥16,500
Blanket B 80x120cm ¥9,900
Blanket B 120x180cm ¥16,500
+ + +
Chair Pad (Blue Green) 37x37cm¥2,970
Chair Pad (Mustard) 37x37cm ¥2,970
+ + +
Entrance Mat (Blue Green) 50x70cm¥4,950
Entrance Mat (Mustard) 50x70cm ¥4,950
+ + +
Babouche (Green): M 22~24cm / L 25~27cm¥4,950
Babouche (Orange): M 22~24cm / L 25~27cm ¥4,950
+ + +
Hoodie White: Free(2XL size)¥6,930
Hoodie Black: Free(2XL size) ¥6,930
+ + +
Eco Bag Yellow¥1,980
Eco Bag Light Blue¥1,980
+ + +
Poster A with Frame¥14,960
Poster B with Frame¥14,960
+ + +
Mug Cup A¥1,650
Mug Cup B ¥1,650
+ + +
+ + +
Order Acrylic Rug (Blue Green) 110x160cm¥49,500
Order Acrylic Rug (Orange) 110x160cm ¥49,500
Order Acrylic Rug (Blue Green) 140x200cm ¥64,900
Order Acrylic Rug (Orange) 140x200cm ¥64,900

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