Unico Big Head Figures

Big Heads Figures featuring Unico

Heathside Trading released a new line of Big Head figures of Astro Boy and Friends back in early 2022. Astroboy, Kimba, Unico, and Uran were available, and these were exclusive to Western countries like Australia, the UK, and North America. These figures were around 10 cm (4 inches tall) and great for adding to a figure collection! It’s rare to see Unico merchandise made by Western companies, so this is a unique figure to get a hold of.

Price: Around $12.99 and up depending on the seller

Blind Box Figures

Astro Boy and Friends Mystery Figures

Also available were Big Head mystery box figures. These figures were about 2 inches tall, half the size of their larger counterparts, and featured the same poses. If you are lucky, there were also gold colored figures available in these mystery packs.

Price: $5.99 and up depending on the seller.

Big Head Mystery Pack Unico

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