Unico: Awakening (Kickstarter Version)

Unico: Awakening  Cover (Kickstarter Version)

Title: Unico: Awakening (Kickstarter Version)
Original Creator: Osamu Tezuka
Author: Samuel Sattin
Artwork: Gurihiru
Publisher: N/A
Pages: 224
Ages: 8–12
Release Date: PDF sent July 2, 2024 / Book to be shipped mid-July 2024

The Kickstarter project for Unico: Awakening launched on May 2, 2022, hoping to fund a reimagined version of Osamu Tezuka’s Unico. Within 24 hours, the goal of $50,000 was met. They offered several rewards, including prints by Akira Himekawa, Junko Mizuno, Peach Momoko, Tomm Moore, Kamome Shirahama, and more. Then they announced limited edition collectible artifact items by many American artists such as Maddie Copp, Rye Hickman, Amber Padilla, Julia Reck, and Steenz. When the Kickstarter ended on June 2, 2022, $179,794 in pledges were made with 2,453 backers.

While originally aiming for a 2023 release for backers, they delayed it because Scholastic picked up the comic and would publish a four book series worldwide.

What’s the difference between the two versions?

Included in this version are extra illustrations after the comic. Artwork featuring backers who paid to be included within the comic, the guest poster illustrations, and an image featuring the artifacts. English and Japanese language versions were available for this Kickstarter as well.

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